About Me… And Maybe A Little About You, Too

I am posting this in a spirit of humility. I don’t want debate, but do invite comment. I don’t pretend to have special revelation. Far from it. Take what you will and leave the rest. (more…)

What to leave in, what to leave out: background and the research rabbit hole

I know more about women’s fashions in 1860 than any straight man has a right to know. I can spend an hour telling you about ship building techniques in 10th century Gotland. I will bore you to tears with details of Roman legionary medicine and casualty evacuation. I am a knowledge geek. If it is obscure, weird, or questions the lessons we were taught in school, I’m all in. (more…)

Pandemic Reading (What Bruce Davis is Reading)

I’m a surgeon with training in critical care and trauma, so my actual reading during the current surge in COVID cases has been limited by work and fatigue. I’m slowly working my way through The Storm Before the Storm, by Mike Duncan. It’s a non-fiction telling of the events from 146 to 78 BCE during the upheavals and Civil wars that doomed the Roman Republic and led to Julius Caesar’s rise to power. (more…)