Throwback Thursday: Queen May Courtesy Review by Frigid Reads

As we roll excitedly towards the next new Bruce release, (which by the way is coming, and it’s not Profit and Loss), we in the secret Dr. Davis headquarters thought we’d do a throwback Thursday post to promote one of Bruce’s first books, Queen Mab Courtesy (Amazon). And honestly, it is not so much the book itself, but a great review of the book provided in 2015 by Frigid Reads, a great book review site that has followed Bruce’s work from pretty much day one.

Read It Here

Originally published in 2008 by CWG Press (online here), the book is set in a near-future Chicago, QUEEN MAB COURTESY is part adventure, part mystery, part science, and all fun. Tito, the main character, is a “Denver Dwarf”–victim of a birth defect caused by a biological terrorist attack while he was in the womb. It certainly didn’t affect his mind or his spirit, though. He meets up with Charlie Sleazer, a hot chestnut vendor who quotes Shakespeare and has a few interesting sidelines (like helping people out of jams).

The review is equally entertaining to the book itself, and you may find yourself “review-scrolling” through a few of the other reviews from the Frigid Reads Team.


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