Update: Proud Waves Be Stilled

This original post was from Bruce looking for a beta Reader for his next novel, Proud Waves be Stilled.

I’m looking for beta readers for a new novel of mine. It’s not like any of my previous books for those who know my work. Rather than science fiction or fantasy, this is a historical novel set in Liverpool, England during the early days of the American Civil War. Both the Union and the Confederacy had extensive espionage networks in contention with each other during 1861 through 1863. Everything that went on between America and the Soviet Union in Berlin in the 1950’s was going on between these Union and Confederate spy networks. This is fascinating and little known sidelight to the War and one that as a history nerd I have researched extensively. Proud Waves Be Stilled is the novel that resulted.
A beta reader is a special job. They read the unpublished work and comment on it. I’m not looking for a copy edit, picking out spelling errors and misplaced commas. I’m looking for an interested reader who critically reviews the novel, picking out plot inconsistencies, continuity errors, places where the story bogs down or the reader loses interest and why that happens. As a writer, I love positive reviews but that’s not what I need here. I need brutal honesty. What works, what doesn’t. Never fear. I have a very thick skin in this area. I may not agree with an assessment, but I don’t take offence or cry about negative comments.
It’s a big job and a big commitment for no pay. If you don’t feel comfortable tearing someone else’s baby apart, don’t volunteer. But if you want the experience and satisfaction of helping an author refine his work, let me know. IM me or email me at us008812@mindspring.com. Put beta read in the subject line so I don’t delete it as spam. We can work out the particulars of getting you the novel for review.

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