Bruce’s Exploits at TusCon 49: Day One

Bruce’s Exploits at TusCon 49: Day One

Bruce Davis had a busy day opening up the 49th edition of the TusCon Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Convention on Friday, November 11.

Interested in Seeing Bruce the rest of the weekend? Here is his schedule.

Bruce Davis at TusCon 49
Author Bruce Davis on a Panel for the Evolution of PTSD Representation


Bruce started his weekend with his first panel, Rambo turned 40 this year. The evolution of PTSD Representation. A great discussion about the understanding of PTSD and how the public has changed their engagement with the disorder.

Bruce Davis with Patrick Hare
Bruce Davis with fellow Brick Cave author Patrick Hare

After that is was networking time, and Bruce made the rounds with Weston Ochse and  his fellow featured authors, include Brick Cave Media stablemate, Patrick Hare.

Bruce Davis in a panel at TusCon 49
Bruce supports his other presenters at TusCon 49.

Bruce them closed his night supporting BC Publisher Bob Nelson at his panel Hybrid Publishing Suddenly Became a Thing: Here’s Why

Join Bruce for his Saturday and Sunday Schedule at TusCon 49!

Not Listed on his schedule, he will be crashing a 3pm Book Signing with his fellow Brick Cave Authors Sharon Skinner, Adam Marsh and Marcus S Campbell.


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